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Hexagon Wax Melts


Hexagon Wax Melts


Hexagon Wax Melts


Hexagon soy wax melts. Approximately 6oz. per box.


White Pine - A woodsy, refreshing, true to life pine, infused with natural essential oils

Balsam & Cedar - Crisp Forrest air blend with pine, eucalyptus, cedarwood and finished with sweet balsam. Infused with natural essential oils.

White Pumpkin - A warm bakery scent filled with rich creamy vanilla and pumpkin spice; infused with natural essential oils.

Urban Farmhouse - BEST SELLER - A creamy blend of vanilla and spice with a touch of brown sugar and caramel. Infused with natural essential oils.

Sea Salt - The smell of fresh, crisp, salty, sea air.

Home - Sweet baked goodness! A rich blend of vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, cake and buttercream frosting.

Fig Leaves - Ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar and a soft, velvet musk blended together to bring you this enticing scent. Infused with natural essential oils.

White Tea - An exotic tea blend that contains notes of jasmine, patchouli, cedarwood, musk and fresh raspberry. Infused with natural essential oils.

Plum - A sweet mix of bergamot, pear, plum wine, vanilla, orchid, cashmere, and musk.

Blossom - A delicate fragrance that holds a soft floral aroma with both sweet and salty notes. Infused with natural essential oils.

Slate- Dark musk and amber highlighted by ozone and cardamom create this masculine scent. Infused with natural essential oils.

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